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Introduction to MassLib 
and MassLib/PC
MassLib full licenses feature the complete functionality of MassLib and can be used on a server with multiple client access.

MassLib/PC is a modular single PC license of MassLib.

MassLib/PCís packages are: 
Base package:  Chromatogram and spectra handling including SISCOM (Search for Identical and Similar COMponents) fragment searches and neutral loss searches. 
Restricted size of user libraries.
Structure package:  Mandatory for structure elucidation work, this package allows to draw and search chemical structure plots. Includes the bond separator tools to determine fragment masses graphically.
Library and Automation
Upgrade Package: 
Allows unrestricted size of user libraries. Allows fully automated data processing.
INCOS search
Upgrade Option: 
Gives less experienced technicians a sharper criterium for spectra identity. 
Quantitation and Compare
Upgrade Package: 
Adds peak area calculations for a single analysis and for the comparison of two chromatographic runs, including options for internal standards.
MassLib combines a high value of mass spectroscopical contents with ease of use and interfaces to most commercial mass spectrometers.
MassLib is a library oriented mass spec application: Low resolution EI-spectra may be used for structure elucidation as MassLib makes more relevant spectra useful and available from large spectra libraries than any other comparable software.
MassLib libraries contain spectra, structures and additional information, all searchable.MassLib's unique combination of mass fragment and neutral loss searches ends up frequently in ideas about the structure of the unknown compound. These hypothetical structures may be drawn using MassLib's very fast structure editor and then searched in the libraries in order to get the best suited spectra from the library to be compared to the spectrum of the unknown compound.
MassLib is, however, not restricted to EI spectra: MassLib already offers the possibility to store non-nominalized LC/MS spectra into libraries which allows to recall them using data searches such as INFO-field contents and more. MassLib will soon be the most advanced and most adequate structure confirming tool for GC/MS and LC/MS....
MassLib includes various additional tools including elemental composition calculations and graphically implemented chemometric tools.
Using MassLib is fun: Context sensitive popup menues (mouse button 3) are provided. A doubleclick shortcut (mouse button 1) selects the first entry of the respective popup menu without the need to display this menu first.
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